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devoted hardworking team.
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Our story is 88 years in the making and going strong. Leon Tulchin founded our company in 1930. Since then, 4 generations of dedicated professionals , including some named Tulchin, have built our company and pursued our mission. Our mission is to provide the price, quality and service that our customers expect and to build strong long-term relationships with the people we do business with. Through hard work and dedication, we will earn your business and build a relationship based on mutual respect. These relationships are important when working with customers, suppliers, co-workers and everyone along the way. It’s who we are and what we do.

We Understand Your Needs

With over 80 years providing wholesale building materials to our clients, our salespeople know how to listen well and develop a complete understanding of our client's product requirements and service needs. Our goal is to understand your needs, and deliver them complete, correct and on time.

We Earn The Work

Having traded directly with producing mills since 1935, our salespeople have access to a wide array of consistently cost -effective suppliers who have proven themselves reliable over time. Access to those resources enables us to prove the same to you via truck, rail or ocean freight.

We Keep Our Commitments

We make delivery lead-time commitments with the understanding that words matter. Our commitment to you will match the reality of the market place, including on the ground inventory, production lead times, logistics opportunities, and even occasionally weather. We have always valued keeping a promise more than making a promise. This creates long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

Each business day, we provide competitive prices for wood products that will be delivered complete, correct and on time. We process the inquiry with qualifying questions as may be needed to completely understand the requirements in specie, grade, surfacing and delivery requirements to most accurately evaluate the best producer to work with to meet those requirements at the best possible price at the time of the inquiry. When the quote becomes an order, what we said would happen, happens.

Our Products

Top quality products by our
devoted and hardworking team.

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With 80 years of experience supplying mill-direct wood products, we have a proven track record second to none.


Our many years trading wood products with a core of producers who have proven themselves to us for decades, has provided us with a foundation of vendor relationships that enables us to quickly and consistently meet the needs of our clients.


We respect the value of time when responding to your inquiries and by working with vendors who consistently meet the delivery commitments that we require.

Our Mutual Success is in the Details

We work hard to understand your needs to make sure we fully meet those needs in the most cost effective way. That understanding of a particular end-use of product and a particular lead-time requirement opens our eyes to the greatest array of methods to meet those needs given the decades of time we have spent doing just that.

Good Behavior

We pride ourselves on serving our customers as we would serve a good friend. While that may sound like a sound-bite, it describes who we are and how we do business. When you reach out, we respond. We will answer you directly and promptly. If we don't have the best answer and we know who does, we will pass that on to you to help you get where you need to go. Most of the time we will go there together, but helping you - with or without an order - is what we do.

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